Saturday, July 31, 2010

The White Sox come to Seattle

Brent Lillibridge is one of our good friends, well actually his wife Steph I am much better friends with than him :) Needless to say, the White Sox came to Seattle and we got to go to the game this year. We were so excited because we missed it last year due to Lilly being sick. We were so excited this year when we were able to FINALLY make a game. We were a little bummed because of course prior to coming here Brent had been playing and doing great. Once he got back here he wasn't playing. Until someone got hurt (which I know Steph and I, and most likely everyone else there that was cheering for Brent was secretly hoping for). We got to see Brent run from 1st-2nd. In the 11th inning the Sox finally scored. We were so hopeful that the M's would tie it up and we would actually get to see Brent hit. Nope of course the M's bring in two runs. We were totally bummed, but were so happy to be there and support him!
Dani and Justin, lots of friends were there to rooting on Brent! 
Apparently it is still sunny at 10:00pm in Seattle. At least for Taylor it is. Something good must have been going on, Matt is watching very closely. 
There is the star player! So glad we got to see him play!

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Sarah said...

How fun! What an exciting time for him!